5 Marketing Strategies Sellers Need for Maximum Exposure in 2019

Facebook ads

Needless to say, Facebook advertisement is an essential of a modern marketing strategy (and not just boosting a post). But it doesn’t end there—there must be landing pages, retargeting, and a follow-up strategy in place.


One of the most used apps in the world is Facebook Messenger, and with 70-80% open rates compared to 30-40% for email, people read what is written to them when you employ messenger marketing.

I create FB ads that lead to custom-designed chatbots that highlight a property’s best features and follows up with them automatically. A chatbot is not the sole solution to your marketing needs, but it’s an essential part of a modern marketing strategy.

Interactive 3D Matterport virtual tours

The Matterport technology is relatively new and truly mind-blowing. Like floor plans on steroids, this allows buyers to literally “walk” around the property.

It’s the closing thing to “being” in the property virtually. Matterport 3D tours are great for refreshing buyers as to how something looked, and also great for allowing them to share a property to distant family/friends. You can even use virtual reality headsets to look around within the property.

Drone photography/property videos

Nothing makes a listing stand out like a great exterior photo from the unique vantage point that can only be obtained from a drone. And nothing makes an advertisement pop on social media like a well-stabilized video.

Proper-pricing and traditional marketing efforts

Marketing automation and technology will offer you amazing options in 2019, but there is no substitute for proper-pricing. All the technology and savvy digital marketing in the world cannot overcome an improperly-priced property.

And open houses, accompanied-showings, and old-fashioned hard work are still necessary to maximize a property’s exposure, and thereby its purchase price!

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